We create maximum comfort for our customers, so our shipping partners will deliver your parquet safely. We deliver parquet for inhabitants of Latvia, and for inhabitants of other countries - Russia, Kazakhstan, the Great Britain and Sweden.


For many years now we have been providing a number of services for finishing residential and commercial real estate in Latvia and abroad, knowing everything about laying parquet. When referring to the specialists of our team you will get a really high quality floor covering as a result of laying the parquet. We have extensive experience in laying a new wooden parquet. While laying a strong and beautiful parquet floor,  we follow the modern technologies of laying a parquet and use proven tools.    


Even the thinnest layer of varnish changes the wooden floor; The texture is highlighted and the color of the tree is saturated, from external influences it protects and there is an opportunity to wash the parquet. The varnish creates a wear-resistant, eco-friendly, waterproof coating that will reveal to you the beauty of the structure of the wooden floor. Our specialists will take care of this!    


We are fully responsible for the outcome of our work. It is no coincidence that the production and laying of the parquet by Parket Art results in high quality flooring, created specifically for a specific room and specific operating conditions. Thanks to modern technologies and the quality of the material, Parket Art's floor covering can reliably serve more than a decade.