Parquet board

Thanks to its democratic price and aesthetic appearance it is widely used both in private apartments and in public facilities. And as speed and simplicity of stacking. Parquet boards are divided into: massive (solid wood) and engineering (sandwich) floors, which also consist of wood, only layers of wood are glued together so that each wooden layer fulfills its function and has served longer and is of higher quality. Modern society is very demanding and knows how to distinguish and appreciate good quality. Our company with 25 years of experience divides sandwich floors into 2 groups:

  • Unrenewable, the so-called click system (parquet board No. 4). Parquet on which you can save and lay without glue - a floating version. 

  • Renewable, where the planks are joined together by an old, proven method of groping (father-mother (parquet board No. 5)), which are glued to the floor. This parquet will be more stable and will serve at least 6 times longer.

Modular parquet

These are various geometric wooden parts that are connected together so as to form a single pattern. For this type of parquet, in the manufacturing process it is important to observe the exact geometry of the parts and the impeccable surface on which to lay the parquet. Uniqueness of the parquet can be given a chamfer, playing with tones and a combination of different varieties of wood. Our company reacts with special responsiveness to new ideas and solutions, flight of designers' thoughts, offering the best technological solutions.

Artistic parquet

This parquet gives individuality and uniqueness to the interior. The floor is an integral part of the interior and the functional basis of any space. To decide which flooring to choose, you should precisely articulate your desires, needs and opportunities. It is necessary to be absolutely sure which of the materials best suits the room and more suits your lifestyle. Art parquet is with traditions rich parquet, which, of course, pretends to receive the status of applied art. Elite flooring - historical, functional and aesthetic value is confirmed by the ancient castles and residences of kings - centuries ago the laid parquet still serves and is worthy of admiration. Also in our time this type of parquet is a symbol of prestige - as a floor covering it is chosen by people with high demands. Using modern technologies in material processing, you can realize almost any imagination of the designer, so that your guests will not remain indifferent.   

Parquet on the heated floor   

Currently, it’s popular to make heated floors, so it imposes additional requirements for the desired parquet floor. Therefore it is worth remembering - on heated floors only multi-layered parquet is suitable. For bathrooms or rooms with high humidity - choose the appropriate version (teak wood with an additional joint seal with rubber) and you have the opportunity to replace the traditional cold tiles with a warm and non-slippery wooden floor.